DMV Handbook 2024

Driver's Manual

To make studying easier, the handbook is available in multiple languages and comes with an audio version. Get interactive support with our AI assistant to clarify any complex terms.

We are preparing the PDF
We are preparing the PDF. Large files like this one can take some time to download, but rest assured that it is worth the wait. Thank you for your patience.

This is the Farsi version of the official California driver handbook. It is identical to the one that’s available on the California DMV website, so you can be 100% sure it’s up-to-date and totally valid.
Depending on your Internet connection, this California DMV manual may take some time to load, so please be patient and give it a few moments.
It will teach you the basic information you will need to know while getting your license.

کتابچه راهنمای راننده کالیفرنیا بتوان 2024

میدوارم اطالعات مندرج در این کتابچه راهنمای راننده کالیفرنیا بتواند به همه افراد
ها، من جمله رانندگان، دوچرخه سواران و عابران پیاده، کمک کند تا حاضر در جاده
هاست. ممکن سالم به مقصد برسند. زیرا مسئله فراتر از فقط یادگرفتن قوانین جاده
است قضیه مرگ و زندگی باشد.